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Jerry Jones Has a Point, But the Wrong One.

Much has been written about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract extension and Dallas Cowboys President Jerry Jones’ objections to the amount he can earn and the lack of rigorous performance criteria.  While Jerry might be Read More

“Pay For Performance” Made Simple

With the introduction of shareholder “Say on Pay” votes, an entire industry formed to demonstrate the degree of alignment between executive pay and corporate performance or to challenge the result (the underlying assumption being that Read More

Compensation Committees and Stock Buybacks

Share repurchase arrangements (stock buybacks) are expected to top $600 billion in 2015, up from an estimated $550 billion in 2014. In fact, at the current rate of growth, share buybacks will soon represent Read More

Executive Pay: Agree on the “How” – “How Much” Will Solve Itself

The typical discussion regarding executive pay among boards, investors, proxy advisers, and management has tended to be on how much to pay. Executive pay comparisons relate total compensation to both peer companies as well as Read More

Simple Incentives to Improve CEO Succession Planning and Results

Board members have an obligation to protect the company from gaps in executive talent by ensuring leadership continuity, particularly during times of CEO succession. While we find numerous commentaries addressing best practices surrounding the planning Read More

Executive Pay Practices: The Road Not Taken

The evolution of current executive pay practices may require more and more companies to take the “road less travelled by” in order to provide superior returns to shareholders. Pay practices continue to create heated debates Read More

Incentive Plan Design for Compensation Committees

Board members bring of wealth of talent and experience to the companies they serve, but often have no practical exposure to the basic building blocks of effective compensation design. Before new compensation committee members jump Read More

Board Advisory in the News

“The key question for the board is, ‘do we need that much management in what is today a much smaller and simpler company?”‘ said Paul McConnell, managing director at executive compensation firm Board Advisory. See Read More

CEO Pay Ratio Disclosure, Rules & Regulations

Matt Ward’s comments below are excerpted from a Mini-Roundtable on CEO Pay Ratio Disclosure published in the April-June 2014 issue of Risk & Compliance Magazine. RC: What are the key issues and arguments in the Read More

Are You Paying for Performance or Just Paying for Results?

Paying for performance is assumed to be the objective of most executive and employee pay plans. A quick read of a handful of proxy statements will likely find the phrase “pay for performance” prominently used. Read More
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