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Frequently, when companies face strategic challenges as a business, these challenges present themselves as executive and employee compensation issues: unremarkable performance from a leader with a career history of success, a revolving door in the C-suite, a company trajectory that’s misaligned with its mission or values, or an inability to attract the executive talent required to lead.

These symptoms can often be addressed with effective compensation strategies, planning and practices, but frequently we find the symptoms related to gaps or unseen obstacles in the underlying business strategy.  We find performance issues are often complex and the risks are high – and responsibility for resolution typically falls squarely on the board of directors.

We believe that executive compensation effectiveness is a matter of business strategy, and therefore requires customized executive compensation solutions developed by advisors who understand your challenges, whether those challenges represent themselves as business or HR issues.

Executive compensation and business strategy are inextricably linked.

The success of your company is contingent upon a number of outcomes, orchestrated by the people you employ. Compensation is a tool for achieving those outcomes, which become more nuanced and complex the higher on the org chart the performer appears. So your compensation strategy not only needs to align with your business strategy, it needs to be part of your business strategy.

We’re business-people, not HR-policy advocates. We’re equally comfortable discussing your business strategies and your performance and compensation dynamics. And we’re experts at managing risk, reducing complexity and developing clear compensation solutions you can have confidence in.

Solutions should focus on the best business outcome for your unique set of challenges and environment.

Talk to many executive compensation advisors and you’ll hear about “best practices” and how one of their solutions worked for a company “just like yours.” The thing is, there is no company just like yours. We take the time understand your business and develop the customized approaches that work best in your unique environment.

Advisors you hire should instill confidence based on a track record of helping companies achieve business results, and deep expertise that aligns with your industry and business challenges.

We’re going to be straight-forward about this: we’ve got a lot of experience.

Our advisors have an average of 25 years of compensation and performance management experience each. We have deep industry expertise in technology, banking and insurance, real estate and REITs, healthcare, defense and government contracts, retail and a number of other markets. When you work with us, you’ll always have a senior consultant assigned to your business. We are accessible senior advisors who will partner with you to achieve the business results.

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